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Wednesday, Mar. 7th 2018

3 vendors you don’t want to wait to book!

Don’t Wait! Wedding Vendors

When you are booking your vendors for your wedding it’s important to always book as far in advance as you can.  There are three vendors you want to make sure you don’t wait!  Your venue, your photographer, and your DJ.  Here’s why!


Popular venues book YEARS in advance! As SOON as you know your date you should start searching and some couples even have chosen to adjust their date around their venue available dates.  For this reason, your venue needs to be the first thing that you book.   Once your venue and date are locked in it’s time to start booking your other vendors.  Your photographer and DJ are the next two vendors you should not wait to book.  Both of these vendors can book a year or more in advance. 


Once you have your date locked in, make sure you start searching for your perfect style.  Decide if you’re wanting classic, vintage, film, modern, moody, etc look to your wedding photos.  Find a photographer that will match your style and reach out to them to find their price range and how fast they are booking. Also, make sure you’re prepared to pay a deposit to hold your date when you’re booking your vendors! 


You’ll also need to start your DJ consultations too!  You will want to make sure you get an idea of the style of DJ you’d like.  Are lighting, appearance, and performance important to you?  Do you want your DJ to perform all night? Just the ceremony?  You’ll need to do your research on what is important to you when booking your entertainment for the night.  

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