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Tuesday, Jan. 23rd 2018

What makes hiring a professional DJ worth it?

Don’t DJ’s just play music?

When a DJ is hired it is to of course play music!  This is what we’re hired to do.  But there is so much more that a great professional DJ can bring to your wedding or event. 

When hiring a DJ it’s important to remember that a DJ isn’t just playing some great tunes at your wedding or event.  DJ’s will have some important jobs.  They will play the music, interact with your quests, keep your event on track, remember the schedule and know when things are getting off track to get them back on track, and they work with your other vendors to make sure everyone is working as a team. 

Can’t anyone play music?

Anyone can hook up an iPod or a computer and plug in some speakers.  But not everyone can get a crowd going.  Not just anyone will realize that the photographer needs to get a quick heads up before the bouquet toss because they need to be in place before a rush of people swarm to get a good look at the winner.  And what happens if the cord doesn’t work?  Or speaker doesn’t get loud enough, and no one can hear the first dance music?  What happens if a little kid grabs the iPod and breaks it?  Having a Professional DJ is having a backup plan.  When you hire a DJ they have experienced the problems, they’ve planned for them, and they can fix this without you even knowing there was ever an issue. 

Benefit of a Pro

When picking the DJ that works best for you there are several things hiring a professional will do.  Number one is adding personality and creating an experience. You want to make sure you enjoy your DJ personality fits what you want your party to represent.  If you want a fun, active, hopping party, a quiet soft-spoken person may not be the best one to really get your crowd going.  If you’re having a serious business event you don’t want someone loud and who specialized in putting together loud dance parties with strobe lights fog machines.  A professional DJ will bring just the right personality along with a performance that will have your guests raving for months!  Experience is another factor that you’ll want to keep in mind.  With such a big job you don’t want a just anyone.  They won’t be able to think as fast, fix errors, and performed professionally in front of people.  A DJ is able to be professional, responsible, and fun!  They have experience fixing problems and going with the flow of your event without having to stop and search for songs or solutions to equipment errors.


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