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Monday, Jan. 15th 2018

Setting a budget for your wedding.

How to Set Your Wedding Budget

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Setting a budget for your wedding? We want to help give you advice on your Wedding Budget. Deciding how much you want to spend is going to be your first step!  You need to sit down with your fiancee and decide what you want to have at the wedding and how much you want to spend in total. 

We want to give you the facts on what your wedding budget should look like! how much to set your wedding budget will have a couple factors.  Do you have savings? Do you have family helping? And how much do you want to invest in your big day?

Once you’ve got this all worked out there comes a new question.  Where do you spend the money?  Here is a suggested break down for your big day!

Where to Spend Your Budget

Attire, such as your clothing and accessories try to set around 7%.  So if your budget is $10,000 your attire budget should be $700.

Beauty, such as your hair and makeup, waxing, pedicures etc., try to hit around 2%.  So for $10,000 it would be $200. 

Cake should be about the same as the beauty.  Don’t forget to count for your cutting cake, cupcakes, and any sheet cakes you get for your quests!  A great way to save money here is to buy a smaller beautiful cake for the bride and groom to cut then more affordable sheet cakes that can be cut in back and brought to the guests.

Ceremony expenses try to also hit the 2% of your budget.  These expenses would be any special signs, ring pillows, unity items etc.

Drinks can be expensive.  Aim to keep it around 8% of your budget.  This includes alcohol, bartender, liquor license if you need it, and tip for the attendant.  For a $10,000 wedding this is about $800.


Favors and gifts for your guests or family should be about 2% as well.

Flowers and decorations are a big part of your day and deserve 8% of your budget as well.

Food is one of the biggest expenses and you should be planning about 18% of your budget towards this. On a $10,000 budget this is $1,800.

Invites, Transportation, and your rings should also be calculated at 2% of your budget.

Photography is usually about 10% of your budget, or $1000 on a $10,000 budget.

Your music should aim for 8 to 10% of your budget, $800-1000 of a $10,000 budget.

If you’re having a wedding planner there is a huge range. For the day of coordinator expect about 3% of your budget, $300 for a $10,000 budget or 10 to 15% of complete planning services, $1,000-1,500 on a $10,000 budget.

It’s also a great idea to have about 5% of your budget set aside for an emergency or extra surprise fees.

Don’t get overwhelmed, set a budget and stick to it!  Everything will get easier once this is set in place! 


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