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Tuesday, Aug. 22nd 2017

Advantages of Hiring A Professional DJ For Your Wedding

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So, you’re thinking about hiring a professional DJ for your wedding. Are you having trouble deciding if you really need one? The answer is simple; yes you do. Professional DJs are much more than someone who presses play. I’ve constructed 7 of the top advantages of hiring a professional DJ for your big day.

Less Stress – 

This is probably the biggest advantage of hiring a professional. If you have considered just plugging in your iPhone to a speaker and selecting a playlist, it will require your attention when it should be elsewhere. Your wedding is a very special day and you shouldn’t have to worry about running through a playlist, a phone dying or not picking songs that your guests will enjoy. It is our job to make sure that you can sit back and enjoy your wedding and your guests are entertained the whole night. 

Equipment Experience – 

A professional DJ will know how to troubleshoot and fix a problem before it arises. This will keep the flow going for your event. This also means they will come fully prepared with cord, batteries, lights – everything you need.

Interaction with guests –

A DJ does more than play music; they will be interacting with your guests. They will also be the ones to announce the bridal party, offer up toasts and can even hold contests. Professionals also know how to “read a room.” This means they will be able to tell how the mood of the event is, when to play high energy music, take song requests or when to slow things down.

Personal Consultation –

Before your wedding, you should have a one on one sit down with your DJ. Here you will go over all of the specific requests for your event which will give you a completely personalized experience. 

Visual Experience – 

A good set will not only include amazing music, but visual entertainment such as lights, LEDs, fog machines, bubble machines, etc. This will add a whole new level of fun for all guests.

Non-stop entertainment –

Hiring a live band may seem like a good idea at first, but bands require breaks – DJs do not. Even when they need to step away, music will keep playing. The momentum will keep going all night. 

Extensive collection of music –

Using your phone or hiring a live band is always an option, but DJs have an abundance of different songs of all genres. The options are limitless when it comes to your specific taste. Everything from classic hits to the latest releases. Everyone will have something they can enjoy!


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