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Wednesday, Jan. 3rd 2018

3 Great Wedding Games to Get the Party Going!

It’s a Party!

The vows are said, the guests are fed, and now it’s time to PARTY!  Your reception is like a big kick-start to your future as husband and wife.  Having a DJ who can not only play the music to get your crowd dancing but bring some super fun games that will bring fun and laughter to your party can make your night really unforgettable!  Here are three great games you can have at your reception that aren’t your regular old wedding games! 

The Wedding Shoe Game

The Wedding Shoe is a hilarious wedding game that will have your crowd laughing so hard they’ll be holding their sides!  So the basic set up is super easy!  All you need is two chairs, the bride and groom, and well…their shoes!  Put the chairs back to back so the bride and groom can’t see each other (No cheating!).  They each take off their shoes and switch one shoe.  So they will each have a bride’s shoe and a groom’s shoe.  The DJ has a list of questions and the fun begins!   For each question, they answer with a shoe!  Questions can be anything from who said I love you first to who’s the better driver?!  They will hold up the corresponding shoe.

 The Wedding Shoe Game


Wedding Mad Libs

There are tons of templates for funny mad libs!  Create your own to try some like these!


“I Spy” Wedding Game

Create a list for guests to use during the reception with tons of fun things to capture with their phones and give them a hashtag to use so they can post them on their Instagrams or Facebooks!  It’s a fun way to get tons of photos from all of your guests from their perspective of the night.  Items can include the cake, the bride and groom, a kiss, Grandma dancing, a funny moment, a sweet moment etc!  The possibilities are endless! There is no way for the bride and groom to see every moment of their reception so this game is a great way to get guests involved while capturing the little things your photographer can’t get to and you’d normally miss while celebrating! 


What wedding games sound fun for your big day?!

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