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Thursday, Nov. 3rd 2016

iPod Wedding Disaster

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iPod Wedding Disaster

As a wedding DJ, there is nothing more that grinds my gears more than hearing a bride and groom decided on an iPod. They put their hands into a device that isn’t reliable whatsoever. I cannot stress this enough to people who ask the question, “do I really need to hire a professional?” Yes, yes you do! Keep reading further for a quick glimpse at what can possibly happen. No one’s special day should have to go like how this one did.

You can almost picture it – the bride and groom enter the reception with no music playing and no advance announcement to the guests. Usually the whole wedding party is announced by name and when the newly weds enter the room, all eyes are on them with an applause.

The bride wanted to have her first dance with her groom immediately following the Grand Entrance, but the guests weren’t even aware that she was entering the reception area and there is no emcee. 

Their First Dance is awkward and uncomfortable. The song wasn’t cued up properly and there was dead silence for over a minute as the bride and groom stood nervously in the center of the dance floor waiting for someone, anyone, to help them.

When the music finally played, it sounded terrible. Too loud, there was static and it wasn’t even the correct song!

Does this sound like a reception that went according to plan? It’s even more painful to watch! Check out this video of an iPod wedding disaster:

As a wedding DJ, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. I have other thoughts about the iPod wedding disaster that I will address in a future article. It is always best to go with a professional rather than putting it to chance with a stereo or an iPod.

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