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Monday, Feb. 5th 2018

Wedding Tips – The Little Details

Advice from the Pros

Your wedding day is HUGE!  It’s such a big day full of a million details.  You’ve planned and planned for months and now this is it, the big day is here and now there are a million things going through your mind and a hundred of those important tiny details will slip through the cracks.  We’ve come up with some wedding advice and tips from the pros to help avoid losing the tiny details. 

Don’t Forget the Rings!

So everyone is always worried about losing the rings.  It happens at every wedding, someone is always worried about those rings!  What about the bride’s necklace? Or the groom’s tie?  Or the garter? Did you pack the extra phone charger?  There are a ton of tiny items that you don’t want to forget.  A great idea is to pack up everything you will need the day before.  Make a checklist of items and make sure they all go in boxes, one for the bride, one for the groom and put them in the car! Or right beside the door.  


Many brides especially get so nervous the day of their wedding they forget to eat or don’t feel like it.  If you don’t eat all day it becomes a long day, and by the time it’s time to stand up at the alter you may end up not feeling so great!  Make sure everyone has plenty of snacks and water.  Don’t forget to feed your vendors! 

Tell Your Vendors Your Must Haves

If you have special details about your day make sure you tell your vendors beforehand!  If you have special photos taken let your photographer know, special songs to add to your playlist, or special announcements your want your officiate to make. 

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