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Monday, Oct. 9th 2017

Weekend Warrior vs Professional DJ

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Professional DJ vs Weekend Warriors

It’s just a few months away from your wedding; you’ve got everything picked out from the venue decor to your perfect dress. But now it’s time to decide who will be the DJ performing on your big day. When picking a DJ for your big day, it’s best to stick with a professional DJ rather than what we call “weekend warriors.”  

There are a few differences between professionals and those who aren’t totally dedicated to this job. One of the main ones I find is they have nothing to lose. Most “weekend warriors” have their own careers outside of the DJ business. If they don’t book an event, its not going to affect them the way it will for us. This means that they’re never truly committed to this line of work and I believe you won’t get the DJ you deserve.

First of all, professional DJs also come with experience. You will get the most out of your investment and they know how to keep the party going. No awkward silences or missed queues. You’ll have all of the music you want for your big day without having to put in any work. Serious DJs also come with serious equipment and are trained on how to use it. The risk of a malfunction is seriously decreased. Every venue carries sound differently. There’s nothing worse than seeing your guests trying to escape from a venue that is too loud or an empty dance floor because the music is too quiet. 

Lastly, this brings me to something most people don’t think about; a majority of part time DJs are not insured. Accidents happen. If someone were to bump into a piece of equipment or trip over a cord, then we’re covered. Also, most venues do not even allow DJs who aren’t insured to perform at their location. It’s rare, but does happen that equipment, if not properly taken care of, can start electric fires. You don’t want to be stuck in that situation with a DJ who is not insured. To assure everyone’s safety and avoid unnecessary costs to either party, insurance is a must. 

At the end of all of this, your guests won’t remember if your flowers were real or fake. They’re going to remember how much fun they had dancing all night to great music provided by a talented and professional DJ. 




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