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Wednesday, Sep. 6th 2017

What Kind of DJ Do You Want?

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Let’s say you have a wedding or an event coming up. What do you picture your entertainment to be like? Limited music selection, dull lighting and a monotone DJ? Or do you picture unlimited music to entertain each guest, custom lighting programmed to the beat of the music and one of the best DJs in Kansas City? If you picked door #2, then look no further. Mic King Music & Events offers more than the average DJ. 

Let’s start off with the music selection. It’s obvious not everyone likes the same music, but that’s nothing to worry about! Mic King offers a broad variety of different music from all genres to fit everyone’s taste. Not every DJ offers the same amount of music to choose from. Whether you’re wanting the classics from the 90’s, or a full list of today’s top hits, we have you covered. 

Next, let’s talk about lighting. Mic King offers more than just music; it’s a whole experience for everyone. You already have your venue decorated to your liking, but now let’s take it to the next level! You are able to choose between subtle uplighting to add a romantic feel to any room, a personalized monogram to project onto the dance floor, or dramatic dance lighting to turn any space into a night club! Guests will be able to dance under the lights that will move to the beat of the music all night long. Does this sound like an event you would love to go to? By investing your money into your entertainment, your guests will never forget how amazing it was. 

Unlike other DJs, we have several add-ons you can combine with your already extensive package. One of these is a photo booth! Guests can take an unlimited amount of photos with our multiple backdrops and fun props. We are also able to live stream the pictures for everyone at the party to see. You can keep these memories forever with a guest book or personal video messages from all your guests! 

When planning your event, one of the main things to keep in mind is a budget. Sometimes, people think that they can handle the music and entertainment themselves. This usually is not the case. The concept is very simple: you get what you pay for. We understand everyone’s budget is different and not everyone can afford to pay the same amount. But believe us when we say the investment is beyond worth it. 


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