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Wednesday, Mar. 14th 2018

15 Send-Off Ideas

Are you doing a send-off?

Send off

A send-off or grand exits can be a fun way to get a great photo-op for your big day and end your reception with a bang! Or something a little quieter.  Or one that smells good?!  The possibilities are endless!  When considering your send-off method make sure you look into your venue rules, many don’t allow fireworks or sparklers etc and don’t forget to think about the cleanup.  If your guests will be throwing something, it will require clean up.  You want to make sure you’re not leaving anything in the environment that can harm the wildlife.  Beyond keeping the environment clean, if you’re having something thrown, it will land in your hair, your clothes, etc., so make sure you have someone to help you clean up! 

Fun Ideas!

  1. BubblesMICKing Music and Events offers DJ Services, Photo booth services in the Kansas City Area. Awards from the knot and WeddingWire. Wedding picture 1
  2. Flower Petals
  3. Confetti
  4. Fake or Real Snow
  5. Sparklers
  6. Glow Sticks
  7. Lightsabers
  8. Fireworks
  9. Fire Show
  10. Lantern Release
  11. Glitter/Sequins
  12. Lavender
  13. Bird Seed
  14. Streamers
  15. Butterfly/Dove release

Whatever send-off you decide to use, your guests will love being a part of your big day.  This is a chance to get everyone involved and give them a small part in making a great memory for the day.  Make sure you let your photographer know what your grand exit plan is and talk with your DJ to know how much time your guests will need to get in place and all set for the send-off!  You can also do a pre-exit type send-off!  If your wedding is later in the evening and your plan is something that requires a little daylight, make sure you do a fake send-off prior to it being too dark for everyone to enjoy!  This can also be a great time to grab a huge group photo of everyone who came to the wedding. 

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