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Wednesday, Dec. 2nd 2020

Company Holiday Party

 The seasons are changing; days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. It is the time of year that we get to transition from high-gear wedding mode into high-gear event mode. During winter, we tend to host many holiday parties. Some are large, and some are small; it varies from event to event. One thing that is for sure: having a DJ host your holiday party can make your event that much more special.

Some may think that turning the radio on, using Spotify, or plugging in an iPod will do the trick. This limits the variety of music that your guests are able to hear. They are stuck with one ‘feel’ within their music; they have to listen to commercials, the iPod battery could die. This doesn’t take into account how any announcements or speeches will be made. To ensure everyone can hear these things, then a microphone will be needed. This may or may not be available at the office or wherever else the event could be held.

But… allow a DJ to host your holiday party, and all these issues cease to exist. Now the DJ is responsible for providing a variety of music for everyone to listen to and make sure there is a little something for everyone. The DJ now has to make sure that they have reliable equipment. (The DJ also doesn’t have 10-minute chunks of commercials). To top it off, the DJ will have working microphones that can be heard clearly on their speakers.

Other options if you have a DJ to host your holiday party, are team building/group activities. Some examples of this are the gift wrap game, movie emoji game, holiday movie trivia, how many ornaments, a name that carol, and minute-to-win-it holiday edition.

Gift Wrap Game: (must be even number of players) Divide the group into pairs of two. Each team must race to be the first to wrap their gift. Here’s the catch… each person can only use one hand. *Alternative version: split group into two teams for a relay race style game. The first team to have all players/gifts wrapped wins.

Movie Emoji Game: Each person or table has a paper with ___ amount of movie titles ‘spelled out’ with emojis. The goal is to get the most correct answers. ex: 🙍‍♂️ 🏠 🙅‍♂️ 👨‍👩‍👦 = Home Alone

Holiday Movie Trivia: trivia based on holiday movies

How Many Ornaments: Much like ‘how many candies in the jar,’ this game requires guests to guess how many ornaments are on the tree. The closest person wins.

Name That Carol: There are several variations to this, but the premise is to guess the correct song. You can have teams trying to get each other to guess. Or you could even have tables race to guess the song to go get food.

Minute-to-win-it Holiday Edition: Minute-to-win-it games with a holiday twist. 

Build a snowman: You can have multiple teams for this game. You will need a person from each group to be the snow person, and the rest of the team has to cover them in toilet paper. The team that does the best wins!!!

There are many ways to have a fun and enjoyable holiday party besides eating and handing out awards; this is a time of year to celebrate with your friends and co-workers for all the hard work they have done all year.

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