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Monday, Nov. 9th 2020

How important is the DJ?

It’s your big day. Congratulations, the most important words of the ceremony the ‘I Do’s, have been said and now the celebration of your marriage can begin.

Imagine for a moment that you are a guest. Think of what you see, smell, and hear. Everything looks beautiful, and you can smell hints of dinner that you are excited to eat. You can also hear music in the background. From the moment you enter the room, there is a presence of music. Not so loud that conversation is difficult, but enough that you notice it. You catch yourself humming along, tapping your foot, maybe even bobbing your head.

Long before your guests arrive for the reception, not even just hours but weeks before, your DJ is hard at work preparing to make this night as flawless and smooth as possible for you. Your DJ puts in countless hours preparing your special songs, your dinner music, your party music, and even every little thing that they are going to say that night. All for you.

You deserve to have a wonderful, stress-free day. And that is what a good DJ can do for you. A DJ isn’t a person that shows up twenty minutes before the reception and hits play, only to keep the music going for five hours. A DJ is someone who cares. Someone who puts in more effort into one night than most people realize. A good DJ is going to be right by your side for a few weeks before the wedding to make sure that they have every detail of the timeline perfect. They are going to make sure that they know your reception inside and out. They will have music playing even before the first guests arrive. They will have perfect timing on your grand entrance and get your guests ready for a celebration of you. They are going to MC like none other and have everyone on their feet. Then when it is time for dinner, you won’t have to worry about making sure all your guests know when to get dinner. Your DJ will do that for you. Your DJ is going to be there to announce special dances and even prepare everyone for the speeches. Your DJ will take all the stress of executing the timeline off your hands.

You know your DJ well at this point, and they know you. You brought them in to be your entertainment for the night and that they will be. They are like a thank you, a party favor if you will, to your guests. The people that you are most excited to celebrate such a big moment in life with. You are there to do just that, celebrate. So from the time that the dancing starts, you should be having fun. The music should be catered to you and your guests. What you want to hear, and because your DJ knows you, that is what you will get.

They will know when to play any of your guest requests, and yours, and even some that maybe nobody else had thought of — but they did; because they know you. They know when it is time for the garter/bouquet toss or the cake cutting or any of the other special dances you may have planned. Your Dj has your back, all the way down to the last song of the night.

They play that last song of the night and you’re sad to see it all come to a close. They thank your guests and request that everyone be safe on their way home. They come to thank you for the fun that they have had from watching your night unfold just how you had planned.

You see… You may spend more time or money on the venue and the decorations, or the food, but when your gut says you have found the right DJ for you, trust it. Finding the right DJ is like the bow on top. They can make your night perfect, and they can also make it beyond memorable for you and your guests. People may not always remember what everything looked like, or tasted like, but they will remember the fun that they had while celebrate and dancing with you.

Tips for hiring a DJ:
* Make sure they have experience in hosting your type of event and are comfortable with being the MC
* Make sure that their equipment will be powerful enough to fill your venue with appropriate levels of sound
* Make sure they have a backup plan (extra equipment, a second copy of important songs, etc)
* Make sure they have all songs that were requested in advance
* Make sure they know the time guests will arrive and that they are set up before that time
* Make sure that you have a way to easily contact your DJ
* Make sure that they have insurance and will give you a copy of the contract
* Most importantly, make sure that your DJ actually enjoys doing this (if they don’t then there is a chance that neither will you nor your guests)

This is your special day and you want it to be as enjoyable and as memorable as possible, so make sure to find a DJ who can give you just that.

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