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Wednesday, Oct. 3rd 2018

How much help is too much help?


Ah marriage, that beautiful moment when two people decide to embark on the miraculous and wonderful journey we call life, together. Now, being married itself is easy. The hard part is getting married. So, many choices go into getting married, what location to perform the ceremony, what food should we eat, what colors should we use, what music should we play, who sits next to whom, and so many tiny details to decide upon that occasionally it becomes the utmost stressful event but therein lies the beauty of this endeavor. When the going gets tough for our lovely couple, THIS moment is THE moment that our couple can turn to one another and say, “We got this, this is OUR day.” Because when you get down right to it, this is going to be THEIR day and we are all there to witness these two people, these two families become one. Who are we to tell the bride, “No, that isn’t right. Please don’t pick that.” or “I don’t know, I really like this option better.” We shouldn’t tell the groom “That seems dumb, why would you pick that?” or “If this were my wedding, I would do this instead.” These really should be the choices of our wonderful sweet couple to decide, and sometimes they just want to hear their own ideas from someone else’s mouth. It isn’t our place to steal their thunder nor ours to extinguish the light of happiness that shines from their eyes. However, if the couple wants to hire the amateur, they found on craigslist because they’re super cheap. That might be the time to say something like “Hey that would be cool, and I know you really want this, BUT perhaps we should look at something a little more professional.” not “that’s a dumb idea, and you shouldn’t do that.” So keep in mind folks, this is the couple’s big day and were just the supporting actors in their world, please help them accordingly. Also remember that it’s a celebration for a new beginning, not only for them but, for everyone. We know you want what’s best for our newlyweds but let them make their special day more special by knowing they got the wedding they got to choose themselves, together.

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