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Custom Lighting

We provide custom lighting for your Wedding Reception, Party or Corporate Event

Details are everything and lighting can really set the mood. Create a dramatic effect that can change the mood throughout the evening.

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All of our DJ services include amble dance floor lighting for your event, but we understand you want to take it up a notch…make a statement. Picture professional totems with intelligent lighting electrifying the dance floor, shifting to the sound of the music and energizing your party.

Brand your event or enhance your theme with a custom-created monogram gobo light shining on a wall or dance floor. This creates a wonderful focal point during your event that your guests and photos are sure to love.

Create the proper drama with professional-grade uplighting installations! We provide just enough uplighting to create small accents complimentary with DJ services. Get a little more to transform your barn, gym, club house, or reception hall into glamorous and romantic oasis and that’s just the beginning! As soon as the high-energy dancing begins, the lights can pulse, strobe & change color to the beat of the music to create a fun and thrilling ‘Night Club’-esque effect & atmosphere!

Audio Visual & Special Effects

We offer high-definition video playback on both flat screen display or crisp projection/screen displays. Everything you need to show that year end recap, present a killer powerpoint, or share your love story video montage.

Maybe you want to dance on a cloud or create a spooky fog effect at a party? We can make it happen for you! We LOVE to fill your with personal touches, and it is this attention to detail that helps us create lasting memories of your wedding day.

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Call (816) 407-9522 or Email us to speak with an event specialist.

We will present services, answer questions and build your custom pricing package.
A consultation is only 30 minutes, there is no obligation and it’s FREE!

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