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Monday, Apr. 16th 2018

DIY or No?


DIY stands for Do It Yourself.  Many couples go about making their own wedding items to save cost or to get it exactly how they want it.  DIY is popular to do for invitations, decorations, flower arrangements, centerpieces, decor, and even food!  If you’re looking to do some DIY and make a few details for your wedding we’ve got some advice! 

What do DIY

Some great things you can make yourself that can be done with a few crafty friends include all stationary things such as invites, save the dates, and anything paper you may need, accessories (like those bow ties or hair pieces for the ladies), your signs, decoration, and party favors.  

Leave it to the Pros


While you may save money doing it yourself there are some things you just shouldn’t do it yourself.  The first thing is the food.  You may be a GREAT cook, but you’re going to be feeding a LOT of people and it will be very time-consuming to prep and cook all of the food for your big day.  You want your family and friends to enjoy the day so even if someone volunteers, sticking to the professionals will really allow them to enjoy the day and ensure great food for everyone. 


You should also let the professionals handle the music.  There is a huge difference between someone sitting with a phone or MP3 and the professional equipment professional DJs bring to the table.  Beyond the great sound your professional DJ brings, the entertainment level will surpass any MP3 and speaker set up! 


Flowers can be a little tricky.  If you are going for an alternative style for your flower arrangement, like fake, wooden, wax etc, then going DIY can be a great idea but unless you are super crafty and know exactly what you want, shopping around for stunning and unique creations will give you the most options.  If you are planning on real flowers then getting professional arrangements is very beneficial.  Flowers start to die very quickly and flower shops treat and protect their flowers to make sure you have the best-looking arrangements possible.  To save a little, many couples choose to get the bridal party and family flowers professionally created and then buy bulk flowers to create simple centerpieces.  Just make sure that when going any route you have someone who can help you take care of your real flowers the day of the wedding so they are properly cared for and looking fresh when you go down the aisle.  


The last absolute must for hiring the professionals is your photographer.  Great cameras are everywhere and many of your guests may have a great camera and love to help you out.  But they will also be distracted that day and wanting to party and celebrate.  Hire the professional who has the experience, the proper equipment, the backup, the education, and the professional approach to ensure you are not disappointed in your memories when they come back.   When you look back on your big day your photos and your experience is what you are left with at the end!  Make your big investments in those things that will last forever! 

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