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Friday, Apr. 6th 2018

Dogs at the Wedding?

Puppy Love dog in wedding

Your dogs are a part of your family.  They love you unconditionally and you love them too!  If you want your beloved pet to join you at your big day but are struggling to find a way to make it both cute, sweet, and easy to handle this blog is just for you!  We’ve got some great things to consider if you’re thinking of having your dog in your wedding. 

First Things First

Before you do ANYTHING else.  Check with your venue!  Find out the rules, where they can be, where they can go potty, is there any off-limit places, can they join for the ceremony only then need to leave?  Make sure you the once you have your venue’s approval, ask your other vendors as well.  You don’t want to have your hair and makeup team to show up and then have to leave to due severe allergies.  It is also a good idea to check with anyone who will come into contact with your pets and make sure no one is severely allergic.  Make sure if you want photos with your pet you let your photographer know this before the big day so they can be prepared.  

Be Prepared

You know your animals the best.  You know their eating and potty habits and you can best prepare for the day.  Make sure that you bring food, water, and dishes, puppy pads for emergencies, toys, treats, and their kennel.  Don’t forget the leash and doggies bags to clean up after them!  It’s also a must to have someone who knows your pet and who your pet is comfortable with to be responsible for Fluffy’s care for the day.  While you’re in your wedding attire the last thing you want is to become covered in muddy paw prints or tons of dog hair.  

Plan the Details

Be realistic in your expectations.  Plan out how you’d like to have your pup in the wedding.  If your dog hates crowds, expecting them to walk down the aisle is not going to end well.  Be cautious if your dog doesn’t handle children or strangers well.  Many people love dogs, especially small children, and your pup is likely to get tons of unexpected affection on your big day.  Having a separate area specifically for your dog to get away from the chaos or someone who can take Fluffy home as the evening goes on is also a very good idea.  

Part of the Big Day

The last thing to do is decide how you want your pup to take place in your big day.  Do you simply want them there?  Do you want them to walk down the aisle with you? Or as your “ring bearer”?  Once you have this decided you can go over all of the plans and details you made before and decide how they can best take part and not become overwhelmed.  

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