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Friday, Mar. 16th 2018

Are you thinking of a holiday wedding?

A Holiday Wedding?! 

Having a holiday wedding may sound crazy to some, but to others, it’s a great idea!  Many holiday weekends mean a three or even four day weekend so guests will already be off work and be able to travel or party longer etc.  The downside to this is that depending on what holiday you’re thinking of, your guests may be spending this time with family.  Very few people are going to skip Christmas dinner with grandma to attend a wedding.   It can also be more expensive.  Many vendors charge extra for working on holiday weekends.   

Top 4 Popular Holidays

The number one holiday weekend for weddings is Labor Day weekend.  In 2016, the most popular month for weddings was October, so it’s not too surprising that Columbus Day weekend comes at the second most popular holiday wedding weekend.  Fall is such a beautiful time for…well pretty much everything and is rising in popularity for wedding season.  Having a fall wedding on a three day weekend?  Sounds pretty good! Plus, it’s not so big of a holiday that there is likely to be many complications for your guests and extra fees.  Memorial Day weekend is holiday weekend number three for weddings.  This is a weekend you may encounter some slight hiccups.  Many people go out of town or cookout with family and friends this weekend, and vendors are more likely to charge that extra fee for this weekend.  Fourth of July is ironically number four.  July is a super popular month for weddings and having fireworks going off all around for your big day?! Super cool.  This being said, it’s a popular holiday and vendors are almost certainly going to charge more and guests may not be so excited to skip that family BBQ.  


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