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Thursday, Sep. 6th 2018

Things you need to know about a Wedding Expo.

 Yay! You’re engaged! Congratulations. How are you and your future spouse preparing for your wedding? Are you feeling overwhelmed already? I bet someone has suggested a wedding expo and now you, your mom and friends are trying to decide if you should go and what you can expect. If you can’t determine if you should go to a wedding show or if you have no idea what a bridal expo is, at MIC King Music and Events we are here to help! First thing’s first, What is a Bridal Expo? A bridal expo, like PWG or KC Weddings bridal expos, is a fabulous way to help plan your wedding event. There is just a no better way to see the latest wedding trends, compare the best wedding services and get all the inspiration you need to have the wedding of your dreams. All of the exhibitors/vendors at the event are indeed the top professionals in the wedding industry. If you ever wondered how you could find the best wedding companies and services, any bridal shows are where you can see them. Most important of all, a bridal expo/wedding shows are FUN for you and all of your guests. You will all get to sample products (cakes, food, drinks), dance with MIC King Music and Events DJs, win prizes and get free wedding swag! The list goes on. You and your guests will find yourselves getting makeovers, becoming mesmerized by the wedding fashion show, and finding yourselves thinking, “Where are we going to put all this free stuff?”. One of the most significant perks of going to a bridal expo is that sometimes you get to eat free cake! Not just any cake mind you, wedding cake! Let’s say I am a big fan of the cake element of wedding expos. So now you have the background of this wedding extravaganza called a bridal expo. What when you are at the show? What should you expect to encounter? What you will encounter (probably) at a Bridal Expo. As mentioned previously, there will be a ton of wedding professionals, events and all sorts of wedding-related excitement going on. We will take you through some specific examples of situations you might encounter or find yourself in at the expo.

  1. The Crowds.

Bridal expos and wedding shows will bring out hundreds of like-minded brides, their guests, and other spectators. You might encounter lines at the best booths, tastings and at the front door where you have to buy tickets unless you have already purchased tickets online (you have right?). If not, let us know, we give some out for free!  Planning ahead is important. Know where you want to be!

     2. Exhibitors.

From wedding dresses makers, photographers, DJs, photobooth, jewelers and everything else in between, there will be so many different types of vendors you will surely find what you are looking for…and a lot of things you didn’t know you needed. 🙂 To make the most of your experience, you should have a plan of the exhibitors you want to see, the things you need, your budget and where everything is at the expo. Doing these steps will help you make your wedding planning precisely as you want it.

  1. Food Samples.

There will often be an assortment of catering companies eager to have you to sample their delicacies. (I know we have some favorites) You will find me around the BBQ and Italian of course, but there will be all types of food and drinks to suit your needs.

  1. Wedding Gowns.

Are you still looking for a wedding dress? Do you need to get fitted or have specific questions about tailoring your current dress? A lot of times, you will find wedding dress professionals that can answer all of your questions and show you the latest styles.

(Check out our good friends Natalie M or All My Heart Bridal).

  1. The Latest Trends in the Wedding Industry.

If you find yourself struggling to stay up to date with all the wedding trends and styles, the bridal shows will get you up to speed, fast. All of the exhibitors at the show stay up to date with all of the latest trends and styles. Be sure to use your phone to take pictures and to type up some notes on all of the patterns and decor that catches your eye. A big part of attending a bridal expo is the inspiration. Get inspired!!

  1. Prizes & Giveaways.

One of the best parts about attending a bridal expo (MIC King Music and Events) are the prizes and the giveaways! Sponsors and exhibitors will raffle off all sorts of items ranging from wedding dresses to all expense paid honeymoons and more! It is super important that you register for anything and everything that catches your fancy. People at the show WILL win these prizes, but only if they sign up!

  1. The Fashion Show.

PWG, KC Weddings, and KCBG have some of the of the most premier wedding fashion shows in the area. Along with us DJing and dancing, the fashion shows are one of our most popular events at the bridal expo. You will get to watch gorgeous models walk the catwalk wearing the latest wedding fashions. If you see anything you like, be sure to take a picture (no flash) with your phone and write down the names of your favorite designers and outfits. Just so you know, if you want to get a good spot at the show, you and your squad should get there early. These shows are super popular!


What do you need to do to have the most successful bridal show? Now that we have covered some of the things you will encounter at a bridal show, here is what you need to do to prepare so that you can have the most success at the expo!

  1. Create a Wedding Email Address & Phone Number.

One of the most important reasons to attend a bridal expo is to find exhibitors and designers to help make your wedding awesome. This process will require giving your contact information as needed. The best way to organize all of this wedding information and to also prevent having tons of email sent to your “personal” account is to create a “wedding” email address to be used specifically for your show. If you plan to give your phone number out, it is also a good idea to use a service like Google Voice to get a free phone number that you will only use for your wedding planning. I personally don’t like having my phone ring a million times a day and would rather have some control over when and how someone can contact me. (Don’t worry we will not call, unless you WIN!!!)

  1. Bring Pre-Printed Labels.

There is nothing more annoying than having to write your name, wedding date, email, address and anything else over and over and over and over again. Make sure to pre-print all of your contact information on labels that you can use to give exhibitors. This is the easiest way to enter contests and have vendors contact you. If you want them to contact you rite on there the best way to and day and time. If not, please write don’t contact unless won. The most important information to have on your labels is your name, wedding date, and contact info. This tip is super important, seriously. An expo could have over 100 booths. Who wants to write their contact information that many times? Not me.

  1. Buy Tickets Online – Early!

Remember I mentioned the lines you might encounter, especially at the ticket booth? If you are planning to attend a show, you should definitely buy tickets online. You can find the show nearest you by asking us. By buying tickets online, you get to skip the line on the way to the show. Also, order tickets online are usually the best way to score discounts like BOGOs. Buy your tickets now!

  1. Plan Your Time at the Show.

One of the best ways to have the most success at the expo is to plan out your experience. It’s important to know exactly what you are looking for and what your budget is before you go into a show. Depending on where you are in your wedding planning, just engaged or almost ready to walk to the altar, you might have different needs and require specific services.

  1. Take Care of Your Feet – Wear Comfortable Shoes!

From the moment you step into the expo, you will be on your feet walking around and carrying things. You will be doing lots of walking from booth to booth and standing while talking. Don’t wear the fanciest pair of heels you have if they make your feet miserable after 5 minutes! Trust me, you don’t want to be the only one walking around barefoot at the show. Keep your feet happy!

6. Take Care of Your Body & Tummy -Bring Water & Eat a Good Meal Before You Arrive.

Yes, I said there would be cake, but have you ever eaten nothing but cake all day? You and your tummy will start not to feel very good. Just like before you took a test at school, it’s important to eat a good meal so you can stay energized and focused throughout the event. Be sure to leave a little room for all the treats and yummies you will eat at the expo! The reason why you should bring water should be apparent. Getting dehydrated sucks. It makes me feel cranky, itchy and makes me unable to concentrate. I always have water with me wherever I go. (Stop by our booth we always have water) Be prepared!

  1. Bring People That Actually Want to Be There!

It has to be said, even though this is a “Bridal Expo” with emphasis on the bride, you can still bring your hubby-to-be, your family, and your friends! Make sure that the people you decide to bring with you actually want to be there and will support you in your quest for having the best wedding. Nobody wants to bring a Debbie Downer who will complain about the prices, the food and basically everything else.  This is your time to have fun and experience the awesomeness of the wedding industry. Remember, you want to have fun! Bring people that love to have fun with you!

  1. Use Your Phone – Take Pictures & Video of What You Love!

Attending a bridal expo can be quite overwhelming, exciting and fun. Also, the time flies, so it’s critically important to take a picture or video of your favorite booths, vendors, anything that you want to have in your wedding and actually want to remember after the show. You will probably forget that booth you loved 15 booths ago. Don’t let this happen! The exhibitors should always follow up with you if you have given them your contact information, but don’t take any chances if you absolutely loved them.

  1. Enter to Win All of the Contests!

There are some fantastic, fabulous prizes at the bridal expos. Some vendors will give away free wedding dresses, cakes, decor, and even amazing honeymoons. All you have to do is enter! Remember, people at the shows WILL win these prizes. It could be you! But only if you enter.

  1. Follow Up With Your Favorites.

Don’t wait for your favorite wedding vendors or exhibitors to contact you. They might have had 500 brides give them their contact info. Make the first move! The last thing you want is to have them fully book their calendar and not have a spot left for you. Follow up with your favorite vendors and exhibitors after the show. You already did the work at the show. Get the wedding professional, the date and what you want for your wedding!

  1. Keep an Open Mind.

A wedding expo is an entirely different experience. It’s a world of its own, especially if this is your first time. You will meet people and see things that you would never have without the expo. It is essential to keep an open mind to the many ideas, designs, and services that you will encounter. You might see something that would be absolutely perfect that you would never have thought could be right. Let the experience wash over you and pick what you love. Everyone is there for you. Have Fun!


The most important thing I have to say is to have fun and dance. The entire expo is designed to help brides have the weddings of their dreams. Enjoy the crowds, the sounds, the sights, the photobooths. Everyone wants to help you make all your wedding dreams come true.  The exhibitors and vendors are all indeed the best wedding professionals in your area. A wedding expo is the one stop shop for all things weddings. Brides and their guests can meet all of the top wedding professionals in one place so that they can plan their dream weddings. From samples to prizes and even free honeymoons, a bridal expo is one of the best places to be as a bride. Remember, all the professionals are there for you. Go.  Have fun. We’ll see you there!

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