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Friday, Mar. 30th 2018

Your Perfect Wedding Cake!

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One of the more loved traditions for a wedding is the cake!  Pretty much everyone loves to watch the happy couple cut the cake and cheer them on to smashing it in each other’s faces while trying to avoid getting it on their own!  It’s just great fun.  BUT! It also needs to be delicious, feed all of your guests, and be beautiful.  So picking just the right type of cake you want can seem overwhelming.  So here are some that we’ve seen! 


A huge towering cake with 3 or more tiers that is massive, elegant, and super tasty.  It can be an absolutely stunning centerpiece to your reception.  The downside, is that it’s usually huge.  When you have a huge cake, there are risks of it not arriving in the best condition so make sure you go with a reputable baker who has tons of great reviews and they can tell you how they will ensure your masterpiece arrives just as beautiful as it was made to be.  


Many couples have gone to cupcakes!  Some chose to purchase a small cake with a tier for them and the bridal party and a small top tier for that traditional freeze it for a year and eat it at your anniversary and then have a variety of cupcakes for their guests.  This can be a more affordable option and can give your guests tons of variety! Plus cupcakes are just cute! The biggest downside to cupcakes is that they take up quite a bit of real estate.  You will need a bigger table or a creative way to display your cupcakes to keep them looking beautiful and accessible to your guests. 

Sheet Cakes

If you’re on a budget this may be the winner for you!  Having a small cake with only two tiers, one to cut one to save, for the couple and bridal party or even just the couple and then having sheet cakes back in the back with your caterer.  This method is super affordable, can be done on a smaller table, and saves so much time.  Instead of guests serving themselves cupcakes or waiting for someone to cut them a slice, your catering company or designated cutters can already have the sheet cakes ready to go and as soon as the couple smashes cake into each other, it can be served quickly and there is no chaos or waiting for a slice to be cut.  The downside to this method is that it’s not as traditional and many couples love having a beautiful display of sweet treats!


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